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We believe that a camp is bigger than any individual person, existing as a soul, not just a place. Over the years, Viking Village has hosted many generations of families. Below you can find an overview of the history of Viking Village and its families. Do you know the history? Submit your stories in the contact box on the homepage!

More detailed histories and pictures to come!

an overview of Viking Village

pre 1895 -- Town of Webb Land Acquired

To be completed shortly!

pre 1895 -- Plot Purchased by Meltzer Aldrich

Meltzer Aldrich purchased two plots of land from Dr Webb (now Viking Village). He built a two-story camp right on the lake and was quickly encouraged by friends to expand so they could stay with him. 

1896 -- Main Hotel Built

Meltzer Aldrich gave into his friends' wishes and built the main hotel, which remains on the property today. The hotel building had housekeeping rooms, bath and shower rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, common areas, and a library.

1945 -- Property Purchased by Al Brynilsen

Although his father, Olaf, thought he was crazy to take on this project, Al purchased the property in 1945, fixed the place up, and opened it to many families for a family camping experience

1950s -- 17 Cabins Built Along the Shore

Despite Olaf's concerns for Al's project, Olaf quickly fell in love with the property and helped build 17 cabins along the waterfront for guest use. These cabins still exist for family use today.

1970s -- Rolf and Jan Brynilsen Run the Property

Rolf and Jan (who met while Jan was working at Viking Village) took over the operations after Al grew older. They are remembered by their boisterous laughs, historic tales, and Rolf's infamous wooden disk and chair behind the ski boat.

2003 -- Andy Dungey Purchases Viking Village

Rolf's nephew, Andy Dungey, took over the operations in 2003. He continued his family's legacy by providing a traditional Adirondack family camp experience. He will forever be known for his coffee hour jokes and his songs around the campfire!

2024 -- The Skinners and Quarles Move In

Trae and Ali Skinner, along with Tim and Catherine Quarles, have now taken over operations of the camp. We are honored to be trusted by the families to continue the legacy of Viking Village. We are thoroughly enjoying learning all the history, the culture, and the traditions of the camp and can't wait to host all the families for the upcoming summer seasons!

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